The Artist

Nissan Leviathan

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Nissan Leviathan enjoyed a successful career of an international marketer. An avid Francophile, he spent many of his adult years in France, where two of his four children were born. His art career, on top of being an enthusiastic art collector, included stints at a Parisian glassblowing atelier, followed by years during which he devoted his leisure time to creating monumental outdoor sculptures, most of them self-glowing. During these years he specialized in a wide selection of software programs and evolved into being a thriving digital artist.

A computer graphics artist, Nissan Leviathan employs a variety of 2D and 3D digital graphics programs as his brushes, palettes of paints as well as his assortment of state-of-the-art cameras, with which he creates his artworks. These are usually about Fantastic Reality that cannot be materialized but within the artist's world, where they are conceived, designed, fashioned, textured, painted and finally photographed. Examples vary from a loaf filled with gold to ice cubes turning into blood, from a pile of magically colored sweets to rifle bullets turning into pink lipsticks, from a sexy stiletto drifting in space to a brand new Bugatti Chiron which finds itself in the midst of a pasture, just to name a few.

Nissan Leviathan at work, on one of his non-digital creations - Peacock Penguin.

Raya Leviathan, the artist's spouse for some 40 happy years, enjoys the newly arrived guest to her garden.