3D Artworks

The artworks shown in this site are usually about Fantastic Reality, a reality that cannot be envisioned or materialized as part of the real world. Yet, within the artist's world, such realities are envisaged and then designed, fashioned, textured, painted and finally photographed, for you to derive pleasure from the inconceivable compositions, the dazzling colors and the sharp details. And indeed our goal is to make your stroll throughout the pages of this site as enjoyable as possible.

The artworks shown on this page have been executed primarily with 3D software programs.

Lip Service

Isaiah's memorable preaching "... and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares", takes here a somewhat modern disposition where rifle bullets are lathed, one after the other as if on a moving assembly line, only to expose the rosy lipsticks that had always been concealed inside.

One influential source of inspiration for creating this work was Pop artist James Resenquist’s 'House of Fire' where, among other things, red-hot lipsticks are aligned like a battery of cannons.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 144 X 80 cm (57 X 32 inches), 2018

Nighthawks Diner, Homage to Edward Hopper

'Nighthawks' is probably one of the best-known works of Edward Hopper, a renowned 20th century American painter whose works frequently reflected his view of the contemporary loneliness and indifference life, prevailing in both urban and rural America. 'Nighthawks' which was painted in 1942, shows 3 customers sitting at the counter of an all-night diner, and is characterized by the green, yellow and red electric lights. These set the diner apart from the dark night outside, enhancing the mood and subtle emotion.

'Nighthawks Diner - Homage to Edward Hopper' humbly tries to somewhat promote the gloomy 'Nighthawks' diner through its glowing neon sign, while employing the basic colors of the painting.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm, 2019

Miss Universe

Miss Universe is a legendary annual international beauty pageant, bringing together beauty queens the world over. 'Miss Universe' on the other hand, with its drifting stiletto in space, humbly tries to offer a different view to the ‘down-to-earth’ expression and at the same time expresses the artist's interpretation of the Miss Universe notion... while having nothing to do with the fact that Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe pageant for almost 20 years.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 80 X 120 cm (32 X 48 inches), 2019

Fever Pitch, Homage to Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, an American musician, was one of the rock and roll genre pioneers during the 1950s and the 1960s. He also was one of the artist’s childhood heroes. He earned his fame for his vocal power, his virtuosic and wild boogie piano playing as well as for his energetic performances on stage, which at times included setting his piano on fire. This might have been a reason for him to record in 1957 one of his greatest hits - “Great Balls of Fire”. This is definitely one of the two inspirations the artist had while creating this artwork. The other being the global warming crisis which is a growing concern for all of us on this planet.

The Image Texture of the music Notes, to which no changes have been made, is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 150 X 100 cm (60 X 40 inches), 2019

Sous le Ciel de Paris, Hommage à Georges-Eugène Haussmann

This SpaceShip is spinning over Paris. It may seem as if aliens admire this beautiful city as most of us human beings do... or, is it Edith Piaf's immortal song 'Sous le ciel de Paris' - Under Paris Skies - that is the reason for this visit?

For creating this artwork I have modified this magnificent Paris aerial photo, taken by Wladyslaw Sojka, which is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm (48 X 32 inches), 2019

Buggy Chiron

The brand new Bugatti Chiron is one of the world's fastest and most expensive cars. You don’t need to drive one in order to realize it is made for well paved asphalt, and even the slimmest speed bump would damage its road supremacy. Having said that, the Bugatti Chiron that we see here, still decorated with the show room lights’ reflections, suddenly finds itself grazing in a pasture, thus turning to be a rather Buggy Chiron...

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm (48 X 32 inches), 2018

Brisement de Cœur, Hommage à Jacques Monory

Jacques Monory was a French Pop Art painter, who expressed his concern about the daily reality of alienation and violence, through disturbing and intimidating works, largely applying on his palette blue color nuances. His painting 'Technicolor no. 13', which belongs to the artist's private collection, depicts a rare contrast to Monory's prevailing theme - a handsome couple enjoys a relaxing dinner in a totally calm scene, painted in fuchsia and yellow, on top of the blue.

Brisement de Cœur - Heartbreak - takes this pastoral scenery and, with the help of a bullet shot, makes it coexist in harmony with Monory's common violence notion.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm (48 X 32 inches), 2018

Sweet LOVE Blue

The artist's passion for colors and for sweets is utterly expressed in this pile of candies, each of which is flawlessly painted in a variety of magical colors. The candies are all glossy and therefore are a source for endless reflections. The ice-blue surface on which the candies are piled up is made of lustrous material which further enhances the reflective look of the scene. These reflections, together with the myriad bewitched colors of the sweets, create an unusual stunning result - Sweet LOVE Blue. One can notice that the sweets are formed in the shape of four letters - L, O, V and E.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm (48 X 32 inches), 2018

Loaf Rolling in Dough

Dough, as you probably know, is a slang expression for money, and 'rolling in dough' means that you’re wealthy. It seems that the underlying meaning is straightforward enough - if you have enough dough, you could literally roll in it.

The breakfast scene which is arranged in front of us here, introduces a very wealthy loaf. It is made of dough to the extent where the loaf is inedible... You may think now of a particular well-off acquaintance of yours.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 150 X 100 cm (60 X 40 inches), 2019

... And to Dust You Shall Return

“By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you shall return.” In this Genesis 3:19 verse we witness God's curse on Adam and Eve for their sin. God, who formed Adam and Eve out of dust, decides to banish them from Garden of Eden and announces that they will eventually die and return to dust. From this moment on, every day of Adam's and Eve’s life would be marked by an awareness that they would one day die. That's the curse all humans have lived under ever since.

It is interesting to note that the artist has recollected this mournful tale during the COVID-19 world pandemic, which rocks the foundations of the entire world since the beginning of 2020. It is the artist hope that a vaccine and a cure will be found soon, so as to allow all of us to return to our peaceful life.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm (48 X 32 inches), 2020

Cold Blood

In this scene the ice cubes are melting and the outcome, presumably in some magical way, is blood. The result, to which the muted air bubbles that are trapped inside the ice cubes witness, can undoubtedly be only - cold blood.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm, 2017


It takes a lot of fury to strike a bunch of marble cubes and scatter them across the sky with a wrecking ball, wholly made of fur.

Miley Cyrus, with her 'Wrecking Ball', has assisted me in building the inspiration for creating this work.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 100 X 100 cm (40 X 40 inches), 2018


The majority of natural diamonds have ages greater than one billion years and most of them are colorless. There is only one Fancy-Colored diamond for 10,000 colorless, except for the most rare of them all - the scarlet diamond. There is only one such diamond for every million. During the recent decades the synthetic diamond industry has taken a leap forward, but the average cost per carat is still higher than $ 2000, whereas the corresponding average cost for mining a colorless natural diamond is 40 times less expensive.

While working on 'The Shot' which is presented in the Animations page, the artist contemplated the possibility of producing Fancy-Color diamonds by shooting a bullet at a wall of glass...

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm, 2018

Sweet LOVE Gold

Like with its cousin - Sweet LOVE Blue - also here the artist's passion for colors and sweets is utterly expressed in this pile of sweets, each of which is flawlessly painted in different magical colors. The matte golden plane is the only difference between the two Sweet LOVE interpretations, and thus here as well one can recognize that the sweets are formed in the shape of four letters - L, O, V and E.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 120 X 80 cm, 2018

The Orange Rider

One of the masterpieces of Jan Wijnants, a Dutch Golden Age painter, is 'Hilly Landscape with a Rider on a Country Road' which is exhibited in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. As soon as I saw this work I knew that the same spaceship that is hovering over Paris in our century (see above Sous le ciel de Paris... Hommage à Edith Piaf), did the same over the Netherlands back in the 17th century...

I wish to thank the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam which has authorized me to use Jan Wijnants’ painting http://hdl.handle.net/10934/RM0001.COLLECT.6568 .

Diasec Acrylic Glass, 120X99 cm, 2020

Freedom of Movement

‘Portrait of Mrs. Marie Jeannette de Lange’ is a 1900 masterpiece of Jan Toorop, a renowned Dutch painter, which is exhibited in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Mrs. De Lange was associated with reform activities related to women’s clothing, allowing greater freedom of movement, and she was engaged in a feminist effort to disseminate this reform the world over. These couple of guiding principles – free movement and dissemination, were my direct inspiration to create the artwork.

I wish to thank the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam which has authorized me to use Jan Toorop’s painting https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zoeken/objecten?q=sk-a-4989&p=1&ps=12&st=Objects&ii=0#/SK-A-4989,0

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 100X100 cm, 2020


Saudade is part of the Portuguese culture, a term that describes a deep emotional and nostalgic state of mind that expresses a constant feeling of absence, the sadness of something that's missing, wistful longing for completeness or wholeness and the yearning for the return of what is now gone.

Moreover, Saudade often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never be back again. It is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places, or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, and well-being, which now trigger the senses and make one experience the pain of separation from those joyous sensations.

As soon as I realized that our world is under the Covid-19 pandemic attack, and that it is here to stay at least for the whole 2020 year, with its accompanying lockdowns and consequent precarity, the Saudade sentiment engulfed me. I then knew that related artworks will inevitably be created. Saudade is one of these creations.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 150 X 100 cm (60 X 40 inches), 2020

Opium of the People

"Religion is the opium of the people" is one of the most frequently paraphrased statements of German sociologist and economic theorist Karl Marx. The interpretation of the metaphor in its present context humbly tries to reflect the current state of politics in many western developed societies, and the correlated increasing social polarization.

One major inspiration for creating this artwork was George Orwell’s ‘1984’ dystopian novel, which was published in 1949. Some 70 years later, Orwell’s prediction of a Ministry of Truth announcing that ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength’ is horrifyingly relevant in today’s political rhetoric, where we are witnessing lies, fake news, trolling and propaganda.

Following these lines, the present artwork tries to wake us all up, by demonstrating that ‘natural is artificial’ is an inconceivable lie. Natural red and beautiful poppies are not made of glass, no matter how exquisite and abundant it is. When looking at the field of poppies from a distance, they look completely natural. However, when approaching the field and examining the poppies up-close, the bitter truth is revealed - the poppies are all fake and made of glass. Don’t let fake news and deception prevail, and open your eyes and minds to see, understand and appreciate the real truth in which we live.

Chromaluxe Aluminum Dye Sublimation, 150 X 100 cm (60 X 40 inches), 2020