2D Details

The artworks of Nissan Leviathan are characterized not only by their fantastic essence and vibrant colors, but also by their incredible resolution. A second closer look at these works is certainly worthwhile since it may reveal somewhat hidden facts. This page provides you with this very opportunity with regard to the 2D artworks.

La Reine de la Route - Detail

Lumachrome Acrylic Glass , 120 X 75 cm, 2018

Tin Soldier - Detail

Lumachrome Acrylic Glass , a tetraptych, each piece 57 X 175 cm, total 228 X 175 cm, 2017

Marriage, Yellow - Detail

Diasec Acrylic Glass, 111 X 100 cm, 2018

Dora Maar, Hommage à Pablo Picasso - Detail

Lumachrome Acrylic Glass, 80 X 115 cm, 2017

I Love NY - Detail

Lumachrome Acrylic Glass , 80 X 120 cm, 2017